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Express Entry Canada: Apply For Canada Permanent Residency Through Express Entry

Is Express Entry the same as a permanent residency?

Express Entry is a system that manages applications for permanent residency through three main immigration programs.

How much does Express Entry cost?

The price of immigrating to Canada through Express Entry is about $2,300 CAD for a single applicant, or about $4,500 CAD for a couple.

Do I need a job offer for Express Entry?

You won't require a job offer for Express Entry. A Lot of candidates selected for Express Entry wouldn't have a formal Canadian job offer.

If you have a valid Canadian job offer, this can soon add up to 200 points to your CRS score.

How long does Express Entry take?

Express Entry can take under six months to process, from submission of the Express Entry profile to the issuance of a permanent resident visa. However, not all cases will proceed this quickly. Your Express Entry profile will remain active in the pool of candidates for 12 months understand what receive an invitation to apply. If after 12 months you've not received an invitation, you are invited to resubmit your profile and remain in the pool. To break it down further:

  • Your profile will remain valid for 12 months in the Express Entry pool
  • Upon issuance of the ITA, you have 60 days to provide the requested full application of documents
  • Once the immigration authorities receive your complete application, your permanent resident visa, IRCC may process your application in about six months

How are Express Entry points are calculated?

When people refer to Canada's “Express Entry points”, they can be referring to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Canada uses the CRS score to rank candidates in the Express Entry pool using many factors, including:

  • Age;
  • Level of education;
  • Proficiency in French or English;
  • Foreign and Canadian work experience;
  • Spouse factors; and
  • Connections to Canada

What is an Express Entry profile?

An Express Entry profile is an electronic form submitted by eligible candidates that includes personal details such as age, work experience, education, ability in French and English, family details, and ties to Canada.

Using these details, Canada ranks profiles in the Express Entry pool against one another and determines who receives an invitation.

How to create an Express Entry profile

To create an Express Entry profile, you must first create an IRCC secure account. If a representative is submitting a profile in your stead, they will submit the profile through their Authorized Paid Representatives Portal.

After creating an account, you and your representative will probably need to fill out an eligibility questionnaire to determine if you qualify for an Express Entry program. In case you are eligible, the next phase is to fill out an online form with your information, including details on your age, work experience, education, and language test results. Once the form is submitted, the Express Entry system will automatically determine your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score and which program you are eligible under.

Why am I ineligible to submit an Express Entry profile?

To submit a profile, you must meet the minimum requirements for the Federal Express Entry programs. In case you are ineligible to submit a profile, it will be because you are unable to meet the minimum program requirements, or have less than the required minimum proof of funds.

How can I check the status of my Express Entry profile?

To discover the status of your Express Entry profile, you must log in to your IRCC account and click “View the applications you submitted”, then “Express Entry profile status”, and “View your profile''.

What is an Express Entry draw?

Approximately every two weeks, Canada issues a round of invitations to candidates with a profile in the Express Entry pool that meets a specified CRS cut-off.  Candidates that receive an invitation in an Express Entry draw may apply for Canadian permanent residence status.

Can I apply for Express Entry without work experience?

All economic programs managed by the Express Entry system require no less than one year of skilled work experience to apply.

What is the maximum age for Express Entry?

There is absolutely no maximum age for Express Entry applicants. Applicants 20-29 receive the highest points for age. In case you are significantly older than 35, but you have a great level of education or connections in Canada, these can easily overcome points lost due to age.

Express Entry Visa Application Guidelines ...

Canada Express Entry Visa: How To Immigrate To Canada With Express Entry

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is an online system used by the Canadian government to organize and process applications for skilled workers who would like to immigrate to Canada and acquire Canadian permanent residence status. The system manages three main federal economic programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker  (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

How can I apply for Express Entry?

Applying for Express Entry is a two-step process. Step 1 is to submit your profile which requires the following documents:

  1. Language test results
  2. Educational credential assessment report
  3. A passport or travel document

After you submit your profile and you receive an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence, you will want to provide a more substantial application that includes reference letters, additional identity documents, police clearance certificates, and results of a medical examination.

Who is eligible for Express Entry?

Individuals with college degrees, skilled work experience, and moderate proficiency in English and/or French are ideal Express Entry candidates.

If you want to submit a profile through the Express Entry system, candidates must also meet the eligibility requirements for the three federal programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker  (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The best way to know if you are eligible is to try using our free online assessment tool.

What are the requirements for Express Entry?

In general, to be eligible to apply to Express Entry as a skilled worker, you must:

  • Have no less than one year, within the last few 10 years of continuous full-time (or equivalent part-time) work experience in a skilled occupation
  • Have enough knowledge to demonstrate on an approved language test at the minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) seven in either English or French
  • Completed post-secondary education that is assessed against Canadian standards with an Education Credential Assessment

These are some of the minimum requirements to apply to Canada's Express Entry system as a skilled worker. Meeting these requirements doesn't mean you will receive an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence. Candidates with stronger profiles will almost always be selected over candidates that simply meet the minimum requirement.

How To Apply For Canada Permanent Residency Through Express Entry ...

Full Scholarships in USA for International Students 2022/2023

Full Scholarships in USA for International Students 2022/2023

Are you searching for Full Scholarships in USA for African Students? Apply for Fully Funded US Scholarships for international students from African, Asian, and developing countries in American Universities to study Bachelors, Masters, PhD Degree in USA.

Do you want to study abroad in USA on a Scholarship? A very good number of American universities, Institutions, and colleges offer undergraduate, Master's, and PhD scholarships in USA for African students, Asian Students, and developing countries Students. Some of these full scholarships in USA are offered specifically for international students from Africa.

Below are links to apply for full scholarships for international students in USA, for African students

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

The vision of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is to educate and develop bright yet economically marginalized young people in Africa and developing countries who have a demonstrated “give-back” ethos and who will contribute to the transformation of the continent.

It will transition promising young people from beneficiaries to benefactors, preparing them with the values, knowledge, skills, and leadership to fuel economic and social progress across Africa.

The Scholarship Program is anticipated to benefit 15,000 young people within 8 to 10 years. The following US universities are partnering with MasterCard Foundation to offer scholarships for students from Africa and developing countries. Learn more about MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program.

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Wellesley College

As part of the Scholars Program, Wellesley will provide nine (9) African women with comprehensive support that includes scholarships, mentoring, counseling, and internship opportunities for undergraduate studies. Scholars at Wellesley will build experiences, values, and competencies that are critical to success in the global economy, and that enables them to give back to their communities and home countries. The students will arrive in groups of three students each year.

Level of Study: Undergraduate degree

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Stanford University

The MasterCard Foundation education initiative at Stanford University USA will provide comprehensive support to 20 talented but economically disadvantaged students from Africa over the next eight years to gain scholarships in the USA. The Scholars Program will support five (5) undergraduates from Sub-Saharan Africa each year.

Level of Study: Undergraduate degree

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Arizona State University (ASU)

Arizona State University welcomed 10 undergraduate students from seven African nations in 2012, as the first class of MasterCard Foundation Scholars to begin studies at ASU. As part of this program, ASU will receive $27.5 million over the next seven years to provide academically talented, yet financially disadvantaged students from Africa, who are committed to giving back to their communities and countries, with access to high-quality education. The program will ultimately support 120 scholars at ASU.

Level of Study: Undergraduate degree

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Michigan State University (MSU)

The MasterCard Foundation has partnered with Michigan State University to provide full-tuition scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students from Sub-Saharan Africa. The university will receive $45 million in funding from the foundation to support 185 scholars throughout the nine-year program, which includes 100 four-year undergraduates and 85 master’s degree students.

Level of Study: Undergraduate and Master’s degree

Government Scholarships in USA

Foreign Fulbright Student Program

The Fulbright Program is a scholarship for international students who want to pursue a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. The scholarships can also be awarded for non-degree postgraduate studies.  The grant covers tuition fee, textbooks, airfare, a living stipend, and health insurance.

Level of Study: Master’s and PhD degrees in fields including interdisciplinary ones except for medical degree programs or clinical medical research.

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowships for International Students -USA

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program is a non-degree program for experienced professionals interested in strengthening their leadership skills through a mutual exchange of knowledge and understanding about issues of common concern in the U.S. and the Fellows’ home countries.

Level of Study: Fellowship for professionals

Organization Scholarships and Fellowships in USA

Zawadi Africa Education Fund Undergraduate Scholarship for Women- in Partnership with Google

The Zawadi Africa Education Fund is a program designed to provide undergraduate scholarships to academically gifted girls/ women from disadvantaged backgrounds from Africa to pursue higher education in the USA, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya.

Level of Study: Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and/or ICT

Harambe Fletcher Scholarships for African Students USA

The Harambe Fletcher Scholarship is a full-tuition award for young African entrepreneurial leaders wishing to pursue a master's program at The Fletcher School at Tufts University, starting in September.

Eligible Field of Study

Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD)

A two-year, highly flexible, interdisciplinary, professional degree in international affairs

Master of International Business (MIB)

A two-year hybrid international business/international affairs degree program

7UP Harvard Business School Scholarship for Nigerian Students

The Seven UP Harvard Business School Scholarship was created by Seven Up Bottling Company Plc of Nigeria to commemorate its 50th anniversary and aligns with the Company’s overall vision of creating a greener future for promising Nigerians. Application opens for students admitted to the Harvard Business School MBA Class of the following year.

Level of study: MBA

Global Scholars Program at Clark University Scholarships

Clark University offers the Global Scholars Program which is open to High school students who are NOT permanent residents or citizens of the United States, as well as U.S. citizens/permanent residents who reside overseas and will complete their entire secondary school education outside the U.S. A scholarship of no less than $15,000 (($60,000 for four years contingent upon meeting academic standards for renewal) and a guaranteed $2,500 taxable stipend for a paid internship or research assistantship taken for academic credit during the summer following the sophomore or junior year is included with the award.

Level of study: Undergraduate.

US Green Visa Lottery Registration: How To Apply For American Green Card Visa Lottery

US Green Visa Lottery Registration: How To Apply For American Green Card Visa Lottery

All You Need To Know About US Green Card Lottery

The State Department website for the US Diversity Visa Lottery (DV-2023) program is currently open and accessible. Interested entrants can either apply for a place or check their entrance status whether they have already applied. We have detailed how to apply and be successful in the US Visa Lottery DV-2023.

Each year, the Department of State conducts a random selection of Diversity  Immigrant Visa (DV) applicants, based on allocations of available visas in each region and country, from all registered entries. It is essential that you always know the entry submission period so that you will be prepared and apply on time. The entry form will be available for submission during the set application window only. Entries will NOT be accepted through the U.S. Postal Service.

Eligibility Requirements for US Diversity Visa Lottery 2023

It is expected that interested persons meet the following eligibility requirements youngster should be enrolled for the US electronic diversity visa lottery.

1st Requirement:

Individuals born in countries whose natives qualify may be eligible to enter. Ought to not be born in an eligible country, you will find 2 other ways you could qualify.

  • Was your spouse born in a country whose natives are eligible? If yes, you can claim your spouse's country of birth – provided that your spouse is named on the selected entry, is found eligible and issued diversity visas, and enter the United States simultaneously.
  • Were you born in a country whose natives are ineligible, but in which neither of your parents was born or legally resident during this writing your birth? If yes, you may claim the country of birth of one of the parents of a country whose natives are eligible for the DV 2023 program.

2nd Requirement:

Each DV applicant must meet the education/work experience requirement of the DV program by having either:

  • at least a high school education or it's equivalent is defined as successful completion of a 12-year course of formal elementary and secondary education.


  • two years of work experience within the past five years in an occupation that requires at least two years of training or experience to perform. The Department of State will use the U.S. Department of Labor's O*Net Online database to determine qualifying work experience.

USA Visa Lottery Selection Process and Timeline

A Must Read Useful Information! if you happen to apply for the US diversity visa lottery 2023 you should take notice of the following;

  • Selection of applicants is while using allocations of available visas in each region and country, the Department of State will randomly select individuals by computer from among qualified entries.
  • All diversity visa lottery (DV-2023) entrants must go to the Entrant Status Check using the unique confirmation number saved from your online entry registration in order to discover whether your entry has been selected in the program.
  • If your entry is selected, you're going to be directed to a confirmation page providing further instructions, including information about fees connected with immigration to the United States.
  • Entrant Status Check is definitely the ONLY means by which the Department of State notifies selectees of their selection for DV-2023.
  • The Department of State will not mail notification letters or notify selectees by email. U.S. embassies and consulates will not provide a summary of selectees.
  • Individuals who weren't selected also will be notified ONLY through the Entrant Status Check on the E-DV website. You are strongly encouraged to access Entrant Status Check yourself.
  • Do not rely on someone else to check and inform you.

How to Apply for US Diversity Visa Lottery Program

Registration for the diversity visa lottery (DV-2023) is done online. To apply ;

  • Visit the Department of state website to start the registration
  • Click the begin entry to begin the application process.
  • Fill and upload all required documents in the appropriate fields.
  • Also, check the application instruction page to study the application procedure in detail.

Requirements For The US Green Card Lottery

A couple of requirements exist in order for one to be awarded the Green Card
  1. Applicants must have been born in an eligible country to qualify for the lottery.
However, there are exceptions to the above:
They include;
  • Claiming spouses’ country- the applicant can claim his/her spouse’s birth country if he/she desires and the same could apply for that of the parents if neither of the parents was born in the applicant’s birth country and did not legally reside there at the time of the applicant’s birth.

USA Immigration requirements

These are pre-requisites of general immigration and they must be met
  1. Must have a means of support/sponsor, if any,
  2. No criminal background - No record of crime or jail time,
  3. Perfect health condition.
  4. If you are moving with your family (such as children or a spouse) to the US. Just in case you are awarded the Green Card, you will need to list their names appropriately on your application.
  5. You must also meet either a work requirement or an education requirement.
  • This means that before the time of application, you must have completed at least a high school education or have two years of training or work experience.
You will have to prove your qualifications at the latter stage of the process. That will mean providing evidence of either:
  • receipt of a high school diploma, or,
  • a minimum of two years experience within the past five years in a job that requires at least two years of training.
Even if you are luckily selected and you do not possess either of the above, You will be disqualified.

US Green Card Through Family

This is possible only if your whole family or members of your family are permanently residing in the US, and are willing to sponsor you, you may be able to migrate to the US.

US Green Card through Employment

This is a case where you are working and have relevant skills; this might make your employer willing to sponsor you, you may be able to immigrate to the US and even get permanent residency as well. Carefully study read the “Green Card through Employment Application” kit, which contains the instructions you need to come to the US to work.

US Green Card for Your Family and Children

Do you have it in mind to move permanently to the United States with your family through the immigration process? 
Fortunately, the United States makes provision for families to stay together.  Be to download the “green card for your family” kit, it contains everything you need to start applying for a green card today.

Issues Related To The United States Visa Lottery

Everything has its Pros and Cons. As much as there are a lot of positives regarding the Green Visa through DV lottery, there have also been a lot of controversies regarding this Green Visa Lottery putting forth the negative effects of this immigration process.
The most prominent issues related are;
A lot of people are of the opinion that it;
  • Encourages Illegal Immigration
  • Rampant Fraud
  • Creates an Opportunity for Terrorists
N/B: Permanent residency allows the recipient to work at almost any job they like, get a license to handle hazardous material, and travel to and from the United States as often as they please.

Migrate To Canada: 5 Easy Ways To Get Canada Travel Visa

These three factors largely determine your migration to Canada; exactly what your intentions when you turn up in Canada, your situation or circumstances, and thirdly, which Canadian province or territory piques your interest.

Other determining factors have; having family members who is responsible for an enduring resident or a legitimate job offer.

Are an entrepreneur/investor aiming to go into business in Canada, an expert worker, or student going to work or study or reunite with the family in Canada?

Whatever your immigration objectives are, there are certain immigration programs offered by your Canadian government that will match your immigration objectives.

The following are the 7 fastest immigration pathways to Canada;

1. Canadian Experience Class
2. Quebec Entrepreneur or Investor
3. Start-up Visa program
4. Provincial Nominee Program
5. Federal Skilled Worker Program
6. Live-in Caregivers
7. Family Class Sponsorship

1. Canadian Experience Class

This immigration pathway is for immigrants with Canadian work experience and who have expressed the desire to remain permanently in Canada.

Starting from 1st January 2015, applicants are required to submit their expression of interest by registering through the Express Entry System and must:

have at least 1 year or full-time Canadian work experience (or part-time equivalent) with legal authorization from the government in the last three years before submitting an application.
Intend to live outside Quebec
have the required language ability.

2. Quebec Entrepreneur or Investor

This immigration stream is for immigrants ( foreign investors or entrepreneurs) who have expressed the desire to start a business in the province of Quebec. To be eligible for this immigration stream, applicants must:

express desire to settle in Quebec
have investment capital of CDN $800,000 for investors and CDN $300,000 for entrepreneurs.

3. Start-up Visa program

This immigration pathway is designed for foreign entrepreneurs and businessmen who have expressed the desire to start a business in Canada.

To be eligible for this immigration stream, applicants are required to have the following:

*sufficient language skills: applicants must have sufficient language skills to communicate in French or English, with a minimum of 5 CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark).

*Support from a designated organization: The support can be from angel investors groups, designated venture capital funds, or designated business incubators. You will be required to get in touch with these organizations to evaluate your business proposals and subsequently provide you with a letter of support.

*settlement funds: you must show proof of sufficient funds to start a business in Canada. A required minimum investment capital of CDN $200,000 if it’s from a designated Canadian venture capital fund and CDN $75,000 from the designated Canadian investor group.

4. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Each Canadian territory or province has different immigration streams designed to target specific foreigners.

To be eligible for PNP, applicants must satisfy the province’s eligibility criteria and must intend to reside in the chosen territory or province.

5. Federal Skilled Worker Program

This immigration stream is for foreign skilled professionals with relatable work experience, and education who wish to permanently settle in Canada. Eligibility for this immigration stream is based on satisfying the eligibility criteria, and applicants must apply through the Express Entry System. Application assessment is based on the following:

  • Language proficiency (English/French)
  • Relatable work experience
  • Education
  • Age
  • Adaptability
  • Arranged employment.

6. Live-in Caregivers

Live-in caregivers have the opportunity of applying for Canadian permanent residency if the following eligibility criteria are satisfied:

have a minimum of 1-year full-time live-in employment
acquired Canadian work experience within four years of arriving in Canada.

7. Family Class Sponsorship

Through this immigration stream, Canadian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor their foreign relatives, spouses, or common-law partners to become Canadian permanent residents. 

Canada Driving Jobs: 1200 Taxi Drivers Needed In Canada

Taxi Drivers Needed In Canada Urgently.

Do you intend to go to Canada in search for work?

Can you take a driving job in Canada? 
1200 Taxi Drivers Needed In Canada, Apply Now

Apply For Taxi Jobs In Canada Here

Canada Driving Job details

  • Location Stratford, ON
  • Salary$$14HOUR hourly for 30 to 40 hours per week
  • Terms of employment Permanent
    Full time
  • Day, Evening, Night, Weekend, Flexible Hours, Early Morning, Morning
  • Start date As soon as possible
  • Vacancies 5 Vacancies
  • Verified
  • Source Job Bank #1427940

Canada Driving Job requirements




No degree, certificate or diploma


Will train
Additional Skills
Clean and make minor repairs to vehicle; Assist clients/guests with special needs
Transportation/Travel Information
Driver’s abstract; Vehicle supplied by employer; Valid driver’s licence
Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities
Taxicab, Limousine Drivers and Chauffeurs’ Skills
Record transactions; Operate two-way radios; Operate dispatch systems; Collect fare; Assist passengers with luggage and in boarding vehicles; Pick up passengers and drive them to destinations
Personal Suitability
Flexibility; Excellent oral communication; Client focus; Reliability; Organized

Employment groups  

This employer promotes equal employment opportunities for all job applicants, including those self-identifying as a member of these groups: Persons with disabilities, Newcomers to Canada

How to apply for Canada Driving/Taxi Jobs

By email

In person

95 Frederick Street suite A
Stratford , ON
N5A 3V6 Between 08:00 AM and 02:00 PM

Advertised until:

not specified

Jobs In Canada: Baker Urgently Needed In Canada - Canada Baking Jobs

Jobs In Canada: Baker Urgently Needed In Canada - Canada Baking Jobs

 Can you work as a Baker in Canada?

Apply for Canada Baking Jobs Here

Canada Baking Job details

  • Location 3047 Kingston Road Scarborough, ON M1M 1P1
  • Salary$$14 to $16HOUR hourly for 20 to 40 hours per week
  • Terms of employment Permanent
    Part time leading to full time
  • To be determined
  • Start date 2020-03-01
  • Vacancies 1 Vacancy
  • Verified
  • Source Job Bank #1412621

Canada Baking Job requirements




Secondary (high) school graduation certificate
or equivalent experience


1 year to less than 2 years
Specific Skills
Prepare special orders; Ensure that the quality of products meets established standards; Bake mixed dough and batters; Prepare dough for pies, bread, rolls and sweet goods, batters for muffins, cookies and cakes and icings and frostings according to recipes or special customer orders; Operate machinery
Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities
Fast-paced environment; Work under pressure; Repetitive tasks; Handling heavy loads; Physically demanding; Manual dexterity; Attention to detail; Hand-eye co-ordination; Standing for extended periods; Overtime required
Food Specialties
Desserts and pastries; Breads and rolls
Personal Suitability
Accurate; Team player; Client focus; Dependability; Reliability

How to apply for Canada Baking Jobs

By email

Job location

3047 Kingston Road
Scarborough, ON
M1M 1P1

Advertised until:

not specified

Intended job posting audience

Anyone who can legally work in Canada can apply for this job.