Uk Visa Application Guide: How To Apply For Uk Visa

UK Visa Application Form Requirements and Qualification

General Requirements
  • The applicants must have the ability to converse and express themselves to a reasonable extent in English.
  • The applicants should have the financial capacity to handle their basic expenses for the period of their stay in the United Kingdom, at least the first month. In the case of those visiting family members or loved ones, the family members or loved ones must provide proof that they are capable of taking care of their visitors throughout their stay in the United Kingdom.
  • The applicants must also be able to stand to defend beyond reasonable doubt their aim for the visa application.
  • The applicants must also be able to provide all the necessary documents required for the application process.
UK Visa Requirements
  • A valid travel passport (it should be the ECOWAS approved passport)
  • The UK visa application form has to be filled out and submitted online.
  • A single passport-sized color photograph was taken with a white background. The passport photograph should be recent, a maximum of six months old and it should be of this size, 45mmx35mm wide.
  • Payment of the visa fee.
  • Evidence of approved permission to be in the United Kingdom, if you are not an indigene of Nigeria. An example of this is a green card, residence permit, visa, etc.
  • A photocopy of your passport data page.
  • A letter of invitation, probably from your school or the individual or group you are going to visit. This letter should state in clear terms why you should be permitted into the UK and what aim you are traveling to achieve.
  • Original bank statement which should be recent, at most six months. This is to prove that you will be able to fend for yourself when in the United Kingdom and not become a liability.
  • Original birth certificate for children traveling with their parents.
  • Applicants traveling for business purposes, conferences, or training should ensure to attach a letter of invitation or confirmation of the event they are going for. This should also contain the details of the company’s authorized representative, their physical address, and phone numbers.
  • A copy of utility bills.
  • Details of flight and hotel bookings.
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable.

UK Visa Application Document: What Documents Do You Need To Apply For UK Visa

When applying for UK Visa, there are many documents that will be required. This article has outlined the basic and necessary documents that are needed for a successful UK Visa Application whether from Nigeria or not.
  1. The UK visa application form.
  2. A valid, recent international travel passport.
  3. Proof of payment of the UK visa application fees.
  4. A recent colored passport. The dimensions of the passport should be 29mmx34mm.
  5. For individuals applying for a visitor’s visa, there should be an invitation letter from the family member or any other individual they are planning to stay with while in the United Kingdom.
  6. Financial statements should prove that the visa applicant is able to cater for his/her maintenance costs in the United Kingdom. The documents should include the bank statements of the individual in question, proof of monthly and annual earnings. In the event that the individual is going to visit a family member or other individual, the sender of the invitation letter should provide proof that he/she has the financial capacity to support and cater for the applicant throughout the period of stay in the United Kingdom.
  7. For applicants for a student visa, the individual must provide evidence of admission to the United Kingdom-based institution.
  8. For work visa applicants, the employer should provide information in a letter outlining the reason for the visit, who the applicant will be meeting with, and details regarding any payments or expenses by the applicant throughout the stay in the United Kingdom.
  9. In the event that the individual is applying for a special visa due to medical challenges, the individual should provide a letter from a doctor or consultant showing the present details of the individual’s health condition. The letter should also contain the duration of the treatment the individual will undergo, how much the treatment will cost.
  10. For individuals going for a tourist, visits should provide the itinerary for the period of their stay in the United Kingdom.

Types Of UK Visa You Can Apply For

There are many types of Uk visa you can apply for right here at the comfort of your home in Nigeria or any part of the world. This subheading will help you on the different types of UK Visa you can apply.
Tier One Visa. Under this class of visa there are different categories, five to be precise. They are briefly explained below:
  • Tier one (General). This category of visa is no longer available for fresh visa applicants.
  • Tier one (Investor). This visa is recommended for entrepreneurs who have plans of investing in and developing the United Kingdom economy.
  • Tier one (Entrepreneur). This visa is recommended for individuals with an inclination to start up a business in the United Kingdom.
  • Tier one (Graduate Entrepreneur). This is the visa recommended to recent university graduates who have functional business or technological ideas they are hoping to implement in the United Kingdom. The ideas are usually evaluated to determine how feasible they are before the visa is approved.
  • Tier one (Exceptional talent). This category of visa is provided to young individuals who have been backed as exceptional usually by educational institutions of which they are currently enrolled or are alumni.
Tier Two Visa. This is usually referred to by the layman as a work permit. It is usually the endorsement given to individuals who have been offered provisional employment, mostly skilled, in the United Kingdom.
Tier Four Visa. This visa is regularly referred to as a study visa. It is the endorsement offered to students who have been admitted to run academic programs at any of the educational institutions within the United Kingdom. For a student to be granted this endorsement, it is Imperative that the student provides proof of the ability to foot educational expenses, as well as make available alongside the application the admission letter offered by the educational institution.
Tier Five Visa. This visa can also be regarded as a working visa. It is the endorsement given to individuals who have been employed in any of the following capacities:
  1. Religious workers.
  2. Government authorized exchange workers
  3. Youth development and mobility schemes
  4. Sportsmen and women
  5. Charity workers
  6. International agreement
United Kingdom family Visa. This class of visa is the endorsement issued to individuals who plan on visiting family members or loved ones in the United Kingdom. The standing criteria for this visa to be approved is the submission of a letter of invitation alongside the visa application. Usually the visiting party is given a period of time to stay in the United Kingdom, mostly six months as the highest.
United Kingdom Visitor Visa. This is the endorsement provided to individuals who do not plan to stay in the United Kingdom beyond six months while trying to achieve the various for which they are visiting the country. Some of the individuals that fall into this category include entertainers (actors and musicians), those visiting for medical care, tourists, academic visitors (lecturers and exchange students), etc.

How To Get The UK Visa Application Form

Firstly you can access the forms from the official website of Teleperformance. Teleperformance is a private company that is in partnership with the government of the United Kingdom to assist with the visa application process in Nigeria.
The visa application process has become easier and faster. You can also access the visa application form by visiting the official website of the United Kingdom Immigration Service.

UK Visa Application Process

General Application Procedures
  1. visit the visa application website.
  2. Fill the visa application form properly and be sure you avoid any mistakes as this could lead to automatic rejection of the application.
  3. Make sure to pay up the necessary visa application fees.
  4. Submit the visa application form and endeavor to make a print out as it will be required later during the visa application process.
  5. Save your GWF number, this is a twelve digit number which is generated once the form is submitted.
  6. Fix an appointment date with the visa application center immediately you have submitted the visa application form.
  7. Sign up for an online account with Teleperformance, this will afford you the opportunity of tracking the visa application process.
  8. Ensure you keep your appointment date and get to the visa application center on time.
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